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Conference Services

Our founder is a gifted and entertaining public speaker that made a career of transmitting his passion for a variety of subjects to audiences big and small. He has the ability to present complex subjects in a manner that makes them easily understood to all listeners. He offers conference and courses on a variety of topics and can travel nationally and internationally to your location. All of his conferences and courses can be given in English, Spanish, or French.

We also offer to other organizations our professional expert services to organize and manage conferences and events. We specialize in corporate motivation, corporate retreats, team building, trade shows, thematic events, business seminars, school seminars, private events, chambers of commerce, and social clubs. Our expert staff has years of international experience organizing events from small product presentations to large trade shows and everything in between.

Luc can talk on a variety of issues and here are some examples of conferences he gave in the past:

  • The path to success through directed dreaming and creativity.
  • How to motivate your team through innovation.
  • Triumphing in life by following your intuitions.
  • Convince yourself that you can do it.
  • How to become a millionaire.
  • How to get rid of your fear of computers and technology.
  • How to use technology to maximize your business' profits.
  • How to bring new and innovative technology into your business and get it accepted by your employees.
  • How to properly prepare a business plan.
  • How to be creative and discover new markets during times of recession and crisis.
  • Finding new markets for your products, or new products for your markets.
Please let us know of any conference or course topic you are interested in or of any special conferencing or other needs we can schedule it or organize an event for you.
NEW Business Opportunities for Promoters!

For promoters who wish to bring our various conferences and courses to your city, please contact us for our special plans where you can profit a great deal from promoting our events locally. We offer substantial discounts to promoters who can put together venues for our conferences with a set number of paid attendances. If you can put together groups interested in our events, or have topics that you would like us to present, writes us at info@jlpconsultants.com to know how you can greatly profit from this business opportunity.