JLP Consultants

The Electronic Hardware and Software Experts

Electronic Hardware Design and Integration. Embedded Systems, Robotics

A lot of business or manufacturing processes can be aided by automation. In these days where every penny counts due to a difficult economy it is often difficult to replace existing technology with costly new technology that might be difficult to repay in a timely manner. Our experts can help you find innovative solutions that can leverage older production hardware solutions integrated with avant-garde software applications that can increase production capabilities and control. We also can help you integrate existing or new products with software controls, or help your existing software control new products.

Integration of Software Solutions with Hardware or Vice Versa

You might have some software product that you would like to have some hardware communicate with, or some hardware product that you like to control with some software. We specialize in this type of integration, and also of providing unusual interfaces to hardware or using hardware or software in innovative ways.

Factory and Process Automation Consulting, Robotics Consulting

As an offshoot of our hardware-software integration consulting we also offer factory and process automation consulting and robotics consulting. Nowadays it is a hard daily task to remain competitive; especially if you are a small to medium-sized producer of manufactured products. We can help you in finding ways to automate some or all of your production or make your existing automation perform at a more efficient level. We can help you find and integrate existing technology, or develop custom factory automation or robotic solutions to your production needs. We can also help you integrate modern motion control into older automated machinery, automate existing machinery that is under manual control or make various types of production methods and equipment operate as a whole so that you can better monitor your production and effectively be more productive.

Embedded System Design and Programming

We are experts in designing and programming embedded systems using a wide variety of platforms and microcontrollers. Whether your needs are a simple design using an off-the-shelf prototyping platform like the Arduino or the PIC, or you need to integrate a microcontroller into a complex product we are here to help you.

Custom Electronic Hardware Design and Sourcing

We can help you in the design, prototyping, and sourcing of new electronic hardware solutions or we can help you research and integrate existing off-the-shelf technology into innovative products. We can also help find manufacturing partners for your designed products, and help in compliance testing.

Our Specialties Are

  • Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Systems
  • Wireless Mesh Networking
  • Wireless Networking Integration
  • Telecommunications Integration
  • GPS and Navigation Systems
  • RFID Systems
  • Inertial Motion Capture Systems
  • Video Capture and Processing Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Robotics
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Unmanned Vehicles (Terrestrial, Marine and UAVs)
  • Custom Solutions